Whose Blood in the Game?

2014 March 13
by Carl Watson

If we had to fight wars the way they did in the Middle Ages, or even in the Hollywood version of the Middle Ages I wonder how anxious these political hawks would be to get us into them. And if the leaders themselves actually had to fight, like they once did, there would probably be no war at all.

Now of course we have no need to bodily engage our enemy. We can fight from afar. With drones.  (see article below).

Stoning the Drone

2014 March 13
by Carl Watson

What would you do if the invisible ghost ship that killed your sister and terrorized your town finally crashed?

Here’s some of the enlightened American commentary found on youTube:

“Typical. Y’know, we didn’t get drone technology by throwing rocks at things out of impotent jealousy, guys. Just saying – maybe you ought to pick yourselves up by the boostraps, stop worshipping goats, and invent your own drones. You make the Ewoks look like geniuses.”

“Wow! Like watching a movie, where the Cavemen encounter advanced technology.”

“This is like seeing the monkeys react to the monolith in 2001. Except without the whole becoming intelligent part.”

WBO Makeover Coming Soon…

2014 January 17
by Ando Arike

One by one, at an apparently ever faster pace, New York City’s neighborhoods are being swept by an invasive species: affluent white people and the real estate developers who love them. And like so many invasive species, this current cohort is more or less devastating the ecological relationships that preceded its arrival, spurring rapid die-offs of natives and growing areas of monoculture.  Here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the process began a dizzying acceleration in 2005, when the zoning rules were changed to open vast swathes of the waterfront to luxury residential construction. What’s happened here is so dramatic one might call it “gentrification-on-steroids” – or maybe crystal meth. The neighborhood is no longer anything like the place it was twenty or even ten years ago; it’s rapidly being torn down and rebuilt to suit a new socio-economic class. Realizing that we have less and less in common with this invasive species and the new neighborhood built to house and entertain and feed it, we here at the WBO have finally decided to it’s time to move on, via an editorial makeover and renaming of the site. Stay tuned in coming weeks for the debut of Belly of the Beast…

Help Win the War Against Christmas!

2013 December 17
by Turk Studzel

Haven’t you had enough of this so-called “holiday”? — which is really just another scam to get you to shop for things nobody needs. Aren’t you tired of the compulsive shopping, and the guilt if you don’t obey what the mass media commands? Look at these people! They’re taking matters into their own hands! FREEDOM FIGHTERS AGAINST CHRISTMAS! Yes, you don’t have to follow the herd! Americans are the most heavily armed people on the planet, and we don’t have to take it anymore — ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS SAY NO TO CHRISTMAS!

Hillary Clinton in 2016? (Kidding, right?)

2013 December 5
by Turk Studzel

Even though I’ve canceled my subscription and unsubscribed to their insidious mailing lists a million times, the Nation magazine — this fetid snake-den of pseudo left-liberalism — continues to find a way through my Spam Assassins. Today, in an email that nearly made me toss my breakfast, the Nation invited me to sign a fucking petition to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. Although this hateful she-devil epitomizes the depravity of the American political class — see video below — the American media class today so worship power that their first impulse is always to lick the boots of the imperial ruling elite, Hillary’s puppet-masters. If publications like the Nation can support such a monster, and if Americans can elect her, we richly deserve the plague that shall descend upon this land.