Eve Gilbert: Vanishing Landscapes

2010 March 7
by Eve Gilbert

These watercolors are part of a larger series of paintings that I’m working on. I guess you could say I’m really into nostalgia—not that the past was really all that cool, but visually it was better than what I see happening to cities and towns across the world. Everywhere you go there are the same stores, everything looks the same, and it’s all so modern and sleek, I feel as if I don’t belong. I watched NYC get Guiliani-ized, now Bloombergized—robbed of its character. I’m one of those people who liked the old Times Square, before Disney took over. I’m not buying into that “safer streets” shit. So I’m trying to re-create New York and other places that I love, like Asbury Park, NJ, and wherever else I decide, that are in the process of being “fixed up.” I’m also into cars, and not these massive ugly boring things you see on the streets today. Why is the American auto industry suffering? No, it’s not the unions, it’s because they stopped making cool looking cars! Ugh. So I’m having my own little rebellion against modernity in my art work. My paintings are the only place I feel that I fit in. (See more at http://www.evegilbert.com/).

Playland, Times Square

The Cheyenne Diner


Palace Amusements, Asbury Park, N.J.

Munson Diner

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