Hummer R.I.P.

2010 March 13
by Eve Gilbert

[When GM’s deal to sell its Hummer brand to a Chinese manufacturer collapsed in late February, it spelled doom for this species of automotive mega-fauna, both loved and scorned as an example of American excess. A suburbanized facsimile of the military Humvee, the Hummer achieved peak sales during the U.S. invasion of Iraq, when driving one of these behemoths became a patriotic gesture. But sales declined as the Iraq occupation turned ugly, and nosedived when gas prices spiked in the $4 range in 2008—ed.]

I wrote this comic during the height of the Hummer’s popularity. I guess I’m really just another self-righteous pedestrian, which is annoying, but at least we pedestrians aren’t asking for more than our fair share of space on this crowded planet. When we walk around, distracted by our cell phones, we usually only hurt ourselves. I like cars, but Jesus, they are killing machines. What gets me is how often I hear people complain about bicyclists and how crazy we ride. Are you serious, man? Bikers can only really hurt ourselves, maybe injure the odd pedestrian. How many pedestrians have actually been killed by a bicycle? So get it into perspective. Anyway, The Hummer—no wonder everyone around the world hates us! Isn’t it bad enough that we’re already the fattest people on the globe but we have to have the most obnoxious cars as well? Ugh, I’m so glad they’re discontinuing them. Next I’d like to see go? The Esplanade!

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