Baby Mozart: The Genius of the Shopping Child

2011 August 15
by Carl Watson

“The consumer embryo begins to develop in the first year of existence  .  .  . Children begin their consumer journey in infancy.”

While Roman Stoad’s recent post (Tots Are the New Dogs) does contain what appear to be misanthropic sentiments, not to mention gratuitous sarcasm, he does make some valid points, not the least being the focus on today’s “special” child as both commodity and consumer. Indeed, the ideal commodity is one that, in its turn, also consumes, exactly what the modern child is and does.  Is this evolution, high capitalism, or state-sponsored mind control?  It is all that and more.  It may not be a new discussion, but in the age of ADHD and iPhone hypnosis, it is one one that needs to be red-flagged, even as our politicians squabble over their salaries and status. Job creation?  That’s up to us consumers.  For those of you interested in the topic of children as consumers and consumed, take a look at this film, Consuming Kids, developed a couple years ago by the Media Education Foundation. Interesting subjects such as neuro-marketing and age-compression are discussed.  And one suit at a child marketing conference says: “Anti-social behavior in pursuit of a  product is a good thing.”  London calling?

Though it’s late in the day: back to the land, anyone?

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  1. 2011 August 19
    Ando Arike permalink

    Scariest film I’ve ever seen! But just wait until all these programmed kids discover that they’ve got no future… That the U.S. dollar is about to become worthless… That their iPhones and Facebook don’t work whenever there is a protest or riot nearby… Boy oh boy, they might get unreasonable…

    “BART Officials Blocked Cell Phones During Transit Protest”

    “England riots: Government mulls social media controls”

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