Bring Me the Head of Mayor Mike!

2011 October 1
by Roman Stoad

Cut off the head of the beast: Dump Bloomberg. Bloomberg is Wall Street

Could somebody get these little "people" out of my way!

And for that matter, Ray Kelly is Wall Street. When push comes to shove the NYPD work for the banks, they do not work for you or I. If one of us steals five bucks from someone on the street we will go to jail. If one of us does not pay our taxes we will be severely punished. Wall Street bankers not only do not go to jail or get punished, they get a bonus for stealing your money, and praised for avoiding taxes. But of course it’s easy for them to accomplish the latter: the tax code is written for them. Thanks to their lobbyists, the laws are also written for them.   Thus the police work for the banks, they work for Bloomberg and Bloomberg is Wall Street.

Remember, the citizens of NYC have elected a Mayor who has over the last ten years done everything possible to pave the way for Wall Street profits, because those profits are his profits. Remember that the financial crisis happened ON HIS WATCH. Bloomberg claims that he’s the only leader that can fix it, but he fails to mention that he facilitated it. (Strange that Eliot Spitzer got hung up in a sting, and that ended the pressure on the banks. Anyone smell conspiracy here?) Remember that when Bloomberg’s reign was threatened by Democracy, he chose to cancel Democracy for a time, until he could re-establish dominion. When the day comes that New York elects a WORKING CLASS MAYOR, then there will be respect for people who work. Not until then. Now, if you work, you are merely a pawn at the bottom of a pyramid , and the laws are written to siphon your money up to the top. (Note how the working people are being implored to start shopping again, so that the “job creators” who are sitting on piles of cash, won’t have to take any RISK if they start hiring again. In other words You are supposed take the Risk. Not the people who can afford it.   You are supposed to start buying things on credit!  Ha. Anyone see any irony here?)

No Violence Meets More Violence

If you think Tony Bologna is going to get punished for his childish aggression and the rage he vented upon the innocent, you are deluded. The police will not hesitate to use EXTREME violence as soon as the occasion seems “justified” to them, and it will seem justified at any moment they choose, because the justification is their own. You or I are not part of the conversation. Did you ever wonder why only the police themselves, are allowed to investigate the police? The verdict is predetermined. There is no people’s court. In fact the police have already issued an announcement that all violence to date was justified, that the protestors were on the verge of aggression and in any case they were disobedient. I am a non-violent person, but the methods of Gandhi will accomplish nothing here. We are not dealing with the British, we are dealing with American plutocrats who will stop at nothing.

Non-violence can win the day IF you are willing to die, to lay your body down and be trampled and beaten to death by Bloomberg and the NYPD, if enough people are willing to give up their lives, maybe non-violence will work. Otherwise, class warfare is the last Bastille for the “the people.”  For enough people to suffer for the cause, there has to be enough people. What is needed is numbers, two or three thousand is going to do nothing. We need hundreds of thousands down there. The city currently has the protest confined to a small park and while I have nothing but the best wishes for this event, it needs to grow and grow quickly. There needs to a march every day. Eventually the NYPD will kill someone, they will pump forty bullets into a black protestor, or accidentally club a pregnant woman to death and the soul of power will be exposed.


The other day, Roman was down at OccupyWallStreet and had to swat away the little cameras like flies around his head.   He was more oppressed by the concentration of cameras than he was by the bank buildings that towered around him.  (All right, not really). And this recording of the event wasn’t by the corporate media, because they don’t care.  The Corporate Media are Wall Street too, and so is Google. It was the personal i-media invented by other rich Wall Street people like Steve Jobs that swarmed over Roman’s field of vision.  Everyone at the revolution was making a movie out of everyone at the revolution. There was no corner of Liberty Square where one could escape the camera flies.  So, if this is the Revolution then this revolution is televised (and photographed, and u-tubed and facebooked and tweeted) in spades. The joke about modern day audiences is that they are so busy recording the event that they no longer experience the event. (Begging the question: if no one experiences an event, did the event really happen?)  We might say the participants are ALREADY seeing it in the past tense.  (Which may also mean that they already see it as lost). I was reminded of that great South Park Episode. It uses the plot of Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery” to comment on the plight of Britney Spears. The gist of it is this: she is selected by a (popularity/tabloid) lottery and is then photographed to death by the townspeople. That’s kind of how Roman felt at Occupy Wall Street. The Revolution is not a mirror for your ego. The Revolution is not this weeks entertainment. It is not an art project. See how much you care about art when you are standing in a soup line.

For all that Roman Stoad says, “Go down Brothers and Sisters, go down to Wall Street, where your flesh can meet the concrete reality if not the billy club of the new World Order. This could be our last chance!”

[Dear Gentle Readers – The website has an interesting take on Mayor Mike in “Mayor Bloomberg on Wall Street Protests: We Need to ‘Help the Banks’.” Yes, it’s all about “shared sacrifice,” as Prez Obama has also told us. Alex Pareene at also picked up the thread yesterday with “Mayor Bloomberg, Partner, Diagnose What’s Wrong with America: You.” — ed.]

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