Tipping Point

2011 November 15
by Carl Watson

Have you ever had someone fuck with you so much that you had to strike back.  Evolution (or bad parenting) has programmed a tipping point in your nerves. People react in different ways, they may set themselves on fire or blow their brains out or they may buy a gun and blow somebody else’s brains out.  Oppressed people can reach a tipping point where they have no other choice but to revolt against their oppressors. Any bones such an oppressor may throw to the public can no longer quell the revolution.  Sound familiar?  A capital economy based on increasing complexity of financial instruments can get so complicated that it reaches a tipping point in which cause and effect can no longer be traced.  Chaos reigns, unaccountable to reason, and will not respond to repair.  We are there.  Democratic political systems can reach a tipping point in which they no longer respond to their supposed constituencies.  Money becomes the mark of the will until, finally, in the name of democracy, democracy falls to moneyed interests.  In fact, no one can tell the difference..  Planets too can reach tipping points.  The universe is littered with old earths, where glorious “intelligent” civilizations once flourished until they  destroyed themselves in their own regard.  Balls of dust and stone rolling around their suns.  We are soon to be one.  When and where will the tipping point come?  Today we live in such fear.  I discovered this little film (from the folks at wakeupfreakout.org) on the OWS livestream and thought to add it here.  It’s not about Polar bears anymore. It is worth while thinking about.  In our march toward self-anihilation, it may well not be about us anymore either.

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