Recall Bloomberg!

2011 December 1
by Carl Watson

A man of the people, working hard for everyday New Yorkers.

It’s time to accompany the Occupy movement with the Recall movement. When elected officials turn against the very population that elected them, our only defense is to Recall. No elected official is guaranteed their full term, especially when they have lied, and or blatantly bought their office, and when a government uses force against its own people, they no longer have the credibility to remain in charge. I have heard both Obama and Clinton say this, mostly when they are speaking to foreign govenments. So let us use our “God Bless America” rhetoric against our own failed politicians.

Recall Bloomberg first. (Ray Kelly will follow.) Bloomberg and his flunky, Kelly, have turned against the people of his city. He has, like the various Arab despots, turned the police loose upon the population. The brutality that we see in the streets is Bloomberg’s call, his responsibility. The NYPD are entering university buildings and beating students. They are pepper-spraying people in the streets. They are purposely provoking violence in order to claim justification for their actions. They have provocateurs at Zuccotti square and elsewhere. They practice entrapment. These actions are due to Bloomberg’s instructions. He instructs the police to attack. He instructs the police to protect the 1% at all costs. This is because Bloomberg feels his economic lifeline threatened by the anger against Wall Street. He is in office illegally, anyway, having crushed the democratic process under his moneyed heel. His interests are against the people of New York. And the people should have the right to hound him out of office. It’s time to start.

We should begin by picketing his home, asking him politely to step down. He will of course refuse like those African despots so often refuse to leave office. The media will mock us, as they mock all calls for justice when the culprits are the rich.  But the media will at least pay attention to people picketing Bloomberg because the media love him so much they will want to point out the “injustice” of blaming him for anything. So Occupy Bloomberg’s sidewalk. Occupy Gracie Mansion. Occupy City Hall. Perhaps then we can bring attention to the nascent Recall Bloomberg Campaign. It would be preferable to simply impeach him but who knows if there is civic machinery for impeaching a mayor.

Crush them, crush them all.

Do you love Bloomberg?  Think about this: New Yorkers are the unhappiest of all major city residents. New York has the largest wealth gap of all American cities. The “quality of life” in New York is poor for the majority of the population (this is despite former mayor Giuliani’s enforcement of “Quality of Life Crimes”). New York is increasingly a city only for the rich. New York is losing its creative base along with its sense of community. New York is becoming a City of Surveillance. New York is becoming a Police State. New York is against its own citizens. Bloomberg oversees and condones all these developments. Recall Bloomberg. If they can recall the Governor of Wisconsin, let us follow Wisconsin’s lead and recall Mayor Bloomberg. He’s Beating Us To Death! Recall Now! (Note, however, that does warn such a process as Mayoral Recall has a difficulty rating of “Challenging.”)

Recall Instructions from

A bad mayor can have a large influence on a city within a very short amount of time. When a city population bands together, it can recall a mayor who is found to be corrupt, incompetent or unfit to lead. The trend of recalling wayward mayors in the US has been steady since the 1950s. If you are looking to recall your city mayor, follow these steps to get started.
â—¦ 1
Find out about laws and regulations that govern recall in your city. The regulations related to mayoral recall procedures and regulations differ from city to city. You can find the details about how to proceed with a mayoral recall in your city’s municipal code, which is available through most city agencies and public law libraries.
â—¦ 2
Start a movement. The only real chance you’ll have at recalling a mayor is by getting a group of dedicated and determined people together to battle for the recall. Most recall and recall attempts begin with at least a few politicians who oppose the mayor. However, you can keep the movement apolitical by involving local social and community leaders instead of politicians.
◦ 3
Collect signatures for a petition. Each city has different requirements for the number of signatures needed to recall a mayor. Find out the number of signatures and the requirements related to signature authenticity and start a well organized signature drive to validate the petition. Make sure that each signature is authentic before you submit your petition to the city council.
◦ 4
Use the media to help. Local media is generally very hungry for politically interesting stories, such as mayoral recalls. Get your local media involved so you can spread the message about the recall and enlist others to help with the cause. Also, gaining media favor on the recall issue will help place pressure on city council members to approve the recall of the mayor.

If I have to do this to hold power, I will. I love black people. I love their votes. I love their money. I like to take it.

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