I’m sorry, I misspoke.

2012 February 1
by Roman Stoad

Plotting the control of the population. Â Can the public monitor this conversation? Â Watch your backs.

Oh my, Paul Browne has “misspoke.” This of course is the new word for “lying.” Especially where public officials are concerned. To misspeak suggests that a mistake was made. Paul Browne, of course, did not make a mistake—he lied. Ray Kelly lied as well. Both men knew they had willingly and in full knowledge participated in “The Third Jihad” video that has become so controversial. Mayor Bloomberg has publically defended both liars, by lying himself. He claimed that Paul Brown tells the truth when he knows the truth. But this goes directly against the blatant facts of the situation. Since Browne set up the interview, and since Kelly was physically there, being interviewed, neither man could mistakenly claim that they didn’t know that the interview had taken place. In fact, both men claimed that the footage was stolen off the internet, which since they set up and participated in the interview, means they both lied.

The mayor also publically lied, contradicting the known facts, but the purpose of his speech is not so much to persuade the public but to simply tell the public it is not for them to judge. In other words he might as well have said, “I am lying to you and you better accept it.” He expects the New York populace to accept this submissive position. You may actually be punished if you don’t.

The threat is everywhere! At the top more than ever. Beware of how what tweet.

Are New Yorkers so stupid, so cowed by power and wealth that they are willing to accept this kind of blatant lying from their “leaders?” Apparently so. I never really thought they were stronger or different. What bothers me the most is the fact that the media/public is completely complicit in this lying. Be it main stream or NPR you won’t hear anyone call a spade a spade. Concerning figures of power, the media refuses to say this or that statement was a lie, because they are in fact afraid. Afraid to lose their jobs, afraid to be arrested, afraid to be branded as terrorists. Instead, the media use terms like “he misspoke,” which merely reiterates my perpetual claim that the so-called “liberal” media, as we know, is not only in bed with power, they have their head up power’s ass and they are sucking hard. Therefore the pretense of supplying the public with truthful information is exposed everyday as false, yet still the public says nothing, demands nothing.

What can we do against this? If you think this Paul Browne, Ray Kelly and Michael Bloomberg fiasco is another “isolated incident,” think of all the other “isolated” incidents that seem to crop up in NYC government, such as the slaughter of black men on the street, and the blatantly racist “stop and frisk” policies, the entrapment that is regularly practiced by the NYPD, the corruption that is constantly being exposed in the acts of isolated public officials. Every incident is “misspoken away” by claiming it is an isolated incident, and not endemic.

The other excuse that is often used is complexity. “Well, I didn’t know this was happening because the means of communication are so complex, and our walkie-talkies weren’t coordinated, blah blah blah.”  Bullshit.

But before claiming we are victims of these “people with our best interests in mind,” let us examine the idea that the real culprit here is the public itself, willing to be placated with lies if they believe they are being “protected” from terror or minorities or Starbucks closing, or whatever other threat is out there. When will the public realize it is not protection that is being offered but control. When will the public rise up?

You're lying. No, you're lying. Ha-ha-ha. We're both lying. Those stupid people don't care. Let's get a beer.

Another obvious instance of public misspeaking are the recent Republican debates, which have been rife with lie after lie to which you hear the audience savagely applaud because they are perfectly willing to accept such lies as truth when it plays to their prejudice. And their defense, when the lies are exposed, is to laugh them off, as if our political culture has become a comedy skit, and in some way that’s okay as long as they hate who you hate.

One wonders what is going on here. No one seems to be able to speak the truth about anything. Perhaps there is no truth, there is only persuasion. Little people like us have no microphone and no money. How do we persuade? Maybe it is time to figure that out. Say no to the Misspoken. Say no to Oppression. Throw yourself in the face of the liars.  Shut it down.

I am Roman Stoad and I have not misspoken.

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