Occupy Your Life!–May Day 2012 General Strike: Don’t Work, Don’t Shop, Don’t Bank, Don’t Cooperate!

2012 April 30
by Turk Studzel

Gate to Dachau Concentration Camp: "Work makes one free"

At the entrance gates of certain concentration camps, including Auschwitz and Dachau, the Nazis erected signs that proclaimed “Arbeit macht frei” — “work sets one free” or “work is liberating” — one of history’s most gruesomely ironic examples of sloganeering. Likewise, for more than a century capitalists have told poor and working-class Americans that wage-slavery is the ticket to freedom. Does anybody buy this crap anymore? With Tuesday’s May Day General Strike we start reclaiming our lives — and Life Itself — from the wage-enslavers, human traffickers, murderers, usurers, and other purveyors of misery on Wall Street and in the boardrooms of the Corporatocracy.

For more information and details go to maydaynyc.org

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