Roman Stoad’s Economic Stimulus Plan

2012 May 7
by Roman Stoad

They OWN Asia!

To hell with these politicians, vote for Roman Stoad in Novemeber and I will institute my economic recovery plan—guaranteed to work. Check it out.
What is needed is a simple redistribution of wealth down the pyramid. Think about it. There are a total of 1,210 billionaires in the world with a combined wealth of 4.5 trillion which equals 4,500 billion which equals 4,500,000 million or $4,500,000,000,000. Spread this out over the population and think of the shopping that would go down.

He OWNS your mind

A few examples: Carlos Slim of Mexico has over 74.5 billion, Bill Gates has 56 billion. Warren Buffett has 50 has billion. Mark Zuckerberg has a mere 13.5 billion. I could go on but you get the point. And while billionaires are the obvious place to start we need not focus on them alone. There’s plenty of millionaires to trickle down the stimulus to us potential shoppers.

In 2010 there were 10,900,000 millionaires in the world. This is a deceptive number because it does not mean 10.9 million people with a mere million each. It means 10.9 million with at least a million. In fact most millionaires have quite a bit more than a mere million. For instance, you could have 900,000 million and still be a mere millionaire and compared to a billionaire. In his endless quest to find all the money in the world Roman has not been able to determine the numbers of millions of dollars held by these people, however we can safely assume that the number of millions held by these “lower level” rich (non-billionaires) people far surpasses the GDP of many third world countries. The term “bail-out” comes to mind.

He made Red Bull into Wall Street bull

Of course it’s not just individuals who are hoarding all the cash that could flow through our economic system of great opportunity for everyone. I have left out the vast sums of money that the banks themselves hold in their reserves, which again is in the trillions. And then there is unclaimed money—23 billion supposedly exists in unclaimed accounts. That’s 230,000 people who could have a million dollars each, or 460,000 people who could immediately receive a 500,000 dollar check and get themselves out to the mall.

And then of course there is the corporate war chests. Five high tech companies—Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Google—had a collective 143 billion in 2009 in liquid assets, but their total asset worth is four to five times that. Apple itself currently has 105 billion, which broken down could provide a million dollars each to 100,000 people, or 100,000 dollars apiece to a million people. In total American companies are sitting on two trillion (or 2,000 billion, or 2 million million). So if they passed that out they could produce another 2 million millionaires. And that’s just American companies! There are of course literally thousands of companies in the world with cash reserves of billions.

Now if you add up all the banks and world corporations with a billions of dollars sitting in their accounts and asked them to distribute that to the population you would quickly create millions upon millions of newly minted millionaires ready and yearning to go big-ticket on that next shopping spree.  Now let’s talk about the non-profitering institutions who might participate in Roman’s plan.  Roman  if you elect him, will go looking for economic stimulus in the governments and the religious institutions.  It must be said that most governments, except the Gulf states, are in debt, although, like the United States, most governments have vast gold holdings and other tangible assets that could be chopped up and handed out. But what about the churches? The Vatican alone has perhaps 15 billion, and that does not include non-liquid holdings of property and art which could be sold off to all the newly rich people and then that money could also be distributed. It could be a new golden age, with everyone on the planet walking around with cash in their pockets!

List of the rich, actually a minute fraction thereof

In Roman Stoad’s Economic Stimulus wealth distribution plan the money would be distributed by lottery and then each winner would have to promise to either to hire people or to redistribute an amount to others. The amount of spending that would take place once the redistribution happened would be phenomenal. Furthermore the rich would not be hurt by this. Yes, that’s the amazing thing, the rich would not suffer! The big corporations would not be hurt because they would make money back soon enough., and I am sure the religious people would love to give their money back to the church after they paid off their mortgage.

Indeed, this recession would be over tomorrow if Roman’s plan was instituted today. What consumer wouldn’t go out and start shopping the minute he or she got that check in the mail.

And since capitalism inherently works to distribute wealth inequitably, we can assume that after some ten or twienty years we would be back where we are now . Therefore I would suggest that the Great Liquidation occur on a regular schedule, say every quarter century. We could thus avoid further recessions and depressions, and this would also curb population growth because it is well known that once people are financially comfortable they have fewer children

Poverty? Problem solved. Recession? Finished. Think about it, let’s make a law and get this done. The only other solution I can think of is to buy guns.

Is this starting to look more and more

Like your neighborhood?

Vote for Roman Stoad this election season.

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