The Fix Is In!

2012 October 9
by Roman Stoad

Hit me! I like it!

You may not have watched the debacle, but you know how it went down. The “Democratic” champ got knocked on his ass. The crowd was stunned. What an upset.  It was not even necessary to hire bad refs. This was no NFL end zone bumble. No deep left “infield fly rule.” This was no bad call; it was a thrown play. Obama looked like a Japanese badminton team up there. Like Jake La Motta or the 1919 Black Sox. What a punk!

The Jake Obama Story

Obama took a fall and everyone knows it. Here was a guy who plainly didn’t want the title. But why? Every ball that came his way was a softball. He was pitched lie after lie that he could have knocked out of the park. But the dude couldn’t swing his bat. Every punch was an air punch, and yet they left him bleeding. The defense downcourt was sound asleep but Obama couldn’t hit a shot if he had the basket hanging in front of him at a height of five feet.  He tripped over his own shoelaces a long way from the endzone.   He poured sugar in his own gas tank.

The weakling challenger, the candidate compromised every way to Sunday, had nothing, but the champ went down anyway. Well, actually he kept standing (the podium was holding him up) but that was part of the fix—make it look like he was fighting when he wasn’t.

The president seemed old and tired. Maybe he has enough money. Maybe the ideals alone are enough, who needs action.  Maybe he just didn’t wanna fight no more. Maybe he already has what he wants, a name in history.  Maybe he figures all he can do now is make more mistakes anyway—so why not get out while you’re ahead.  Or maybe there was some real cash to be had. Who paid him off?  Bloomberg?  Koch?

Checkin out the prize.

Meanwhile the challenger, the Great White Hope, took everything away from him—took away his courage, his dignity and his future., even took his ideas and presented them as his own. Next thing you know Romney will be stuffin’ Michelle and Obama will be down on the skids yelling to anybody that will listen “I coulda been somebody!”

Face it folks, Obama is finished. Romney can now say anything he wants and he knows the punk won’t talk back. Even Obama’s backers are walking away.   Where are the Ralph Naders when you need them?  Where the leftist firebrands?  Gone to flowers everyone. Oh when will they ever learn.

That's all folks!

Better get your pre-existing conditions in an air raid shelter.  Better put your dimes and quarters in a tax shelter, because Romney is gonna take them away and give them to Wall Street. Better buy some stock in the cardboard industry cause that’s the next real estate boom. War with Iran anyone?

Sad old Obama just looks like a stuffed doll now, but then, maybe that’s all he ever was.

I am Roman Stoad, master of the Mixed metaphor

Put me in the next debate

Roman and Romney

The Stoad vs the Toady, free insurance for everyone

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