What “Kill List”?: Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Plays Dumb Blonde

2012 October 21
by Turk Studzel

As an example of the national political decline, the video below is incredibly instructive. Here we have Debbie Wasserman Schultz, congresswoman from Florida and Chair of the Democratic National Committee, claiming she’s never heard of Obama’s secret “kill list”, the horrifying details of which were outlined by the New York Times in May 2012, and then elaborated on for months afterwards in media around the world. Attorney General Eric Holder even devoted an entire speech to proposing the novel view that due process no longer needs to mean “court of law” but that secret committees of bureaucrats, rather than judges and juries, could effectively make the necessary life and death decisions. In other words, Goodbye habeas corpus, goodbye Bill of Rights, goodbye any pretense of due process of law. So Schultz doesn’t know what the “F” you’re talking about; and anyway, what are you, some kinda kooky conspiracy nut?

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