On 9/11, Will Congress Vote to Support Al Qaeda in Syria?

2013 September 8
by Turk Studzel

One of the many deep ironies in the Obama administration’s push to escalate military action against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad is that it will be allying the U.S. with the very terrorist militias that it claims to be fighting elsewhere: i.e., the “rebel” jihadists associated with Al Qaeda. Indeed, this strange and disturbing circumstance threatens to expose and dismantle the whole ideological edifice of the so-called “War on Terror,” and apparently, despite the usual corporate media Blitzkrieg, very few Americans are falling for the call to arms. Especially encouraging is the rejection of war within the ranks of the military, noted in photos being posted on social media. The Congressional vote on whether to authorize U.S. attacks on Assad’s regime has now been moved to September 11, in an apparent move to leverage the emotional associations of that date towards war. But the irony of the U.S. now supporting Al Qaeda may be too much for the public to bear: 

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