Shepard Fairey Renounces His Obama “Hope” Posters

2013 September 28
by Ando Arike

Do artists have a social conscience anymore? Or are they merely illustrators for the fantasies of the rich and powerful? Consider, for example, Shepard Fairey, whose (in)famous “Hope” posters played a major role in the mythology and media hype surrounding Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Since 2010, when it became clear to anyone paying attention that Obama was merely a black re-tread of G.W. Bush, the Williamsburg Observer has been calling upon Fairey to renounce his posters and take a stand against the blatant imperialism and domestic police state policies of Obama. Well, finally, it seems, Shepard Fairey has seen the light–and is willing to talk about it as he climbs into a limo with a date. Check it out in the video below :

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