Hillary Clinton in 2016? (Kidding, right?)

2013 December 5
by Turk Studzel

Even though I’ve canceled my subscription and unsubscribed to their insidious mailing lists a million times, the Nation magazine — this fetid snake-den of pseudo left-liberalism — continues to find a way through my Spam Assassins. Today, in an email that nearly made me toss my breakfast, the Nation invited me to sign a fucking petition to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. Although this hateful she-devil epitomizes the depravity of the American political class — see video below — the American media class today so worship power that their first impulse is always to lick the boots of the imperial ruling elite, Hillary’s puppet-masters. If publications like the Nation can support such a monster, and if Americans can elect her, we richly deserve the plague that shall descend upon this land.

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