Coming Soon: WBO Makeover…

2014 August 25
by Ando Arike

One by one, New York City’s neighborhoods are being swept by an invasive species: affluent white people and the real estate developers who love them. And like so many invasive species, this one is more or less devastating the ecological relationships that preceded its arrival, spurring rapid displacements of natives and growing areas of monoculture. In Williamsburg, the process began a dizzying acceleration in 2005, when zoning rules were changed to open vast tracts of property to luxury residential construction. No longer anything like the place it was even ten years ago, Williamsburg is rapidly being reborn as Yuppie City. Now, finally, it’s become clear exactly what the ambiguous  “Hipsters” were: spies and advance scouts for the yuppies, i.e. the Yuppie Avant-Garde.

Greatly dismayed by these developments, we here at the WBO have finally decided to it’s time to move on, via an editorial makeover and renaming of the site. Stay tuned in coming weeks for our debut…

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