Bios & Kudos

Ando Arike is editor and publisher of the Williamsburg Observer. His articles have been published in Harper’s, the Progressive, Leonardo, the Writer’s Chronicle, Carbusters Magazine, and elsewhere. He can also be seen in “Owning the Weather,” a film documentary by New York director Robert Greene based on Ando’s Harper’s article by the same title, which was recently featured at the COP 15 U.N. Climate Change conference in Copenhagen (see for more info on the film). Ando received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Albany in 2002 with the dissertation “What Are Humans For?” His current plans include sticking around long enough to chronicle the collapse of industrial civilization. He can be reached at <>.

Lex Grey, a native of Coney Island, moved to the Southside of Williamsburg in 1986. Widely known as a singer/songwriter and entertainer, she was part of the neighborhood’s music and art scene from its formative years in the early 90’s. When not touring with her band, The Urban Pioneers, she divides her time between Brooklyn and a home in the HudsonValley, where she raises chickens and heirloom vegetables. She is currently working on a new CD, a vaudeville-style burlesque show, and a large sculpture. For more information see

Carl Watson is editor-at-large for the Williamsburg Observer. He is an author, scholar, freelance entrepreneur, unholy roller, and banjoman. Raised in the industrial wilds of Indiana where he formulated his early metaphysics, he is currently quartered on the Lower East Side, engaged in hopeless battle with encroaching chaos and self-fragmentation. He writes thus under several noms de guerre, including, but not limited to: Roman Stoad and the Reverend Roy Derien. Actual published books include: Anarcadium Pan, bricolage ex machina, Beneath the Empire of the Birds, The Hotel of Irrevocable Acts, and the upcoming Psychosomatic Life. In addition, there are many chapbooks, which today are available only as memories. He is also included in some anthologies, most notably those published by “The Unbearable Beatniks of Life.” He is currently working on a book about Henry Darger’s narrative eccentricities. He is also the future CEO of Hobo King Industries, purveyors of literary sustenance to intellectual vagrants, the ideologically homeless, and other sufferers of entropic bifurcation syndrome. You can contact him at <>.